Fleas and Ticks – Oh My!

Fleas and ticks—simply uttering their names may make your skin crawl, so imagine how your pet feels about them. These creepy pests can cause a laundry list of problems for your furry friend, from allergies to life-threatening diseases. Fortunately, preventing fleas and ticks, and the problems they cause, is relatively easy, with help from the [...]

10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets

While there is significantly more research on canine than feline cancers, pets appear to develop cancer similar to people, with dogs getting cancer at almost the same rate as their owners. Pets can develop cancer that affects almost any body part, and may occasionally attack multiple areas. The signs you see in your pet will [...]

FAQs About Heartworm Disease and Pets

Heartworm disease is a constant threat to pets in all 50 states, including Kansas. Whether your pet is currently on regular heartworm prevention, or has never received a dose, read the answers to these frequently asked questions, to assess your pet’s risk, and make the best decision for her life-long health. Question: What is heartworm [...]

Top 10 Toxins: Is Your Pet at Risk?

Each year, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) receives thousands of calls from panicked pet owners worrying about a potential toxin exposure in their pet. In 2018, the center received 213,773 calls concerning possible poisoning cases, and that number is likely to increase each year. While some of the items are no-brainers, such as [...]

6 Tips to Protect Your Pet From Winter Hazards

Winter’s coldest months are ahead of us, and although your pet has her own personal fur coat, she is still susceptible to weather-related injuries and medical conditions. Protect your furry friend from the cold weather by following our team’s cold weather safety tips.  #1: Monitor your pet’s outdoor time Pets who are left outside in [...]

10 Resolutions for Your Pet’s Dental Health in 2020

Like people, pets need routine dental care, or they can suffer from serious oral pain and infection. But, unlike people, pets are extremely adept at hiding signs of periodontal disease, and may suffer in silence for months before pet owners notice a problem. Stave off painful dental disease in your pet by sticking to these [...]