Prepare to Stress Less—6 At-Home Tips for Stress-Free Veterinary Visits

The veterinary clinic can be a scary place for pets. The strange smells, people, and unnatural protocols are an alarming departure from their comfortable routine, and many dogs and cats react with uncharacteristic fear and aggression. It’s important to remember that any behavior should be viewed as a form of communication. Your pet is trying [...]

Microchip, Macro Results—Why a Tiny Device is a Big Deal for your Pet

A missing pet is heartbreaking—wondering where they are, and whether they will be safely returned, leads to stress and sleepless nights. Microchipped dogs are 2.4 times more likely to be reunited with their owners than non-microchipped dogs. Cats are a remarkable 21.4 times more likely to have a happy ending to a story that could [...]

Help Me Remember—Senior Pets and Cognitive Dysfunction

Dogs and cats are living longer than ever, thanks to advanced veterinary care, preventive medicine, and nutrition. Unfortunately, as with people, those extra years can come at a cost—and sometimes the cost is the decline of cognitive health. Senior pets have a special place in our hearts at Johnson County Animal Clinic, and we want [...]

You Want to Adopt a Cat: Now What?

Adopting a new pet is exciting, and we want to help make this exciting time as seamless as possible.  Preparing a quiet, comfortable, and relaxing area in your home for your new cat will set you both up for a smooth transition from shelter to home. Cats are particularly sensitive to change, and being prepared [...]

7 FAQs About Allergies In Pets

When pollen is thick in the spring air, allergies routinely make many people miserable, and pets can also suffer. Like people, pets can be allergic to a wide assortment of substances, and certain times of year can be worse than others. Some pets also have year-round allergy issues. If you think your furry pal is [...]

Off To A Great Start: Your Puppy’s First Year

Nothing compares with the joy of welcoming a new puppy into your home. The first year is sure to be a sweet combination of puppy kisses, joy, and fun, but it is also the critical time to start them off happy and healthy. This involves hard work, but their development depends on the care they [...]

The Power of Positive Training for Your Puppy

Puppies are delightful, rambunctious fur balls, but all that energy can get them into trouble. You likely will lose patience with your pet having accidents in the house, chewing shoes and furniture, and jumping on guests. However, losing your cool when teaching your puppy household rules and obedience skills does not help them learn—in fact, [...]

5 Safety Tips for Your Holi-dogs and Christmas Cats

Sparkling lights, cozy fires, and holiday sweets fill our homes each year from November to January as we prepare for the new year of possibilities. While it may be the most wonderful time of the year, many holiday festivities and traditions can turn dangerous for pets. Ensure your pets are safe for the new year [...]

3 Thanksgiving Table Hazards that Can Harm Your Pet

As the most delicious of all holidays approaches, your furry pal may be drooling in delight over the mouthwatering aromas wafting from your kitchen. Although saying “No” to that begging gaze beseeching you for a turkey leg or a bowl of buttery, garlicky, mashed potatoes is incredibly difficult, it’s in your pet’s best interest to [...]

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