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Wellness Exams

Why Pet Wellness Exams Matter

The most important part of any pet’s wellness care involves a detailed, timely and accurate physical examination. This is usually done on an annual basis for pets under the age of seven, and sometimes more frequently for pets over the age of seven. This “annual visit”, which includes a thorough history, lifestyle evaluation, and physical exam, is the cornerstone of preventative health care for pets. The ultimate goal is to identify problems, or potential problems, before they cause your pet to “act sick”. Most disease conditions can be managed more successfully if they are identified early on. This means our patients, your family members, live longer, better quality lives.

Pet Wellness Exams In Overland Park, KS

Taking care of your precious pet’s health starts with a thorough veterinary exam. To schedule an appointment for your pet, call us at 913-642-2714.